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The Paris Photo Aperture Book Foundation PhotoBook Awards 

Shortlist - PhotoBook of the Year 

Through Cyclopean gaze, literally the artist's vision, impaired by suffering a brain tumour,
attempts to reconstruct the shattered self that was suspended between conflicting internal and external chaos, life near death, eternal rainfall, gives herself to the construction of a handmade book. Balloon Position an appropriation, a facsimile of that dummy, a document of a document.
Anrakuji, a medium, photographic shaman, seeking through, literary, poetical, philosophical references in her enquiries.
Presenting what we love and fear. 


Published by AKAAKA ART PUBLISHING Inc. Japan, 2019

208 pages

Soft cover 

257 × 364 mm 

ISBN: 978-4-86541-102-7 


Limited number of signed copies available  


7000 yen + tax + shipping 

Payment by PayPal



BALLOON POSITION- Special Edition 

A signed copy of the book and a signed and numbered original print

Edition of 30 will be available exclusively from OFFICE EMI ANRAKUJI

Pre-order and



MISHO includes previously unseen works from compelling 1800 millimètre series. 

Selected by LensCulture's Curators' picks of 2017. Finalist of LUCIE PHOTO BOOK AWARD independent category 2018.


Published by SHINTO, Portugal, November 10, 2017. 

Edited by  Rui Ribeiral & Paulo Nozolino 

Text by Emi Anrakuji

Design by ilhas studio


Edition of 250 with hanko stamp.

Offset printing over silkscreen printing with photoluminescent ink.

All copies stitched and assembled by hand

Softcover in a slipcase with obi

32 pages, 18 black & white illustrations.

210 x 300mm



Very limited number of signed copies available

Price on request. Orders:

Payment by PayPal






Live fruitfully  

Here I stand      

Trusting that every phenomenon is the first step to create this book

Everything begins here  

- Emi Anrakuji

MISHO special
video MISHO

MISHO- Special Edition 

A signed copy of the book and a signed and numbered original gelatin silver print

Print paper size 130 x 100 mm

Image size 120 x 90mm

Edition of 15 


Available exclusively from OFFICE EMI ANRAKUJI

$ 460 ( dollar USA ) + shipping 


Payment by PayPal


MISHO special.JPG
Emi Anrakuji IPY BOOK


A prolific producer of images, Anrakuji often arranges her work as handmade books, one of which served as the catalyst for IPY.  



Published by Nazraeli Press, USA, 2008 


80 pages, 79 plates.

100 x 440 mm

ISBN: 978-1-59005-218-1


IPY - Special Edition


Published by Nazraeli Press, USA, 2008   

Signed copy of the book, and a signed and numbered original print in a clamshell box. Edition of 25. 



IPY special edition

One Picture Book #40: e hagaki

Anrakuji contributed to Nazraeli's One Picture Book series. She displays reproductions of her one-off digital prints onto e hagaki (picture postcards). The book concludes with an original, signed portrait printed over a vintage postcard. Each original print is unique.  



Published by Nazraeli Press, USA, 2008


Edition limited to 500 copies

16 pages + 1 original print 

184 x 140 mm

ISBN: 159005179-3


e hagaki
Daido Moriyama Book


Daido Moriyama, as artist and editor presents his own photographs taken in Shanghai and the work of two other artists: Emi Anrakuji and Ken Kitano for the second installment in the Nazraeli Press "Witness" Series.

Anrakuji's jigsaw puzzle-like portraits of herself - naked, clothed or partially dressed - blur the boundaries between documentary and staged photography. It also includes an illustrated overview of JGS activities in the arts.  

Published by Joy of Giving Something, Inc. (JGS) with distribution by Nazraeli Press, USA, 2007

Edited by Daido Moriyama


96 pages 

ISBN: 1590051998





Emi Anrakuji's first monograph to be published outside of Japan. Posing naked, clothed, or partially dressed, Anrakuji takes a uniquely obsessive interest in her own body. Her legs, arms, hands, toes, lips, and hair create arresting compositions and erotic ambiance. 


Published by Nazraeli Press, USA, 2006


40 pages

250 x 163 mm

ISBN-10: 159005167X



EMI ANRAKUJI - Special edition 


Edition of 25 copies. 60 pages, 53 four-color plates with two signed and numbered original color prints in a clamshell box.  


Published by Nazraeli Press, USA, 2006

ISBN: 159005167X 




The first book by Emi Anrakuji, HMMT? showcases black & white images for which the artist received the Grand Prize of WHITE CUBE Kyoto Photo contest in 2003.



Published by Yu-Time Shuppan, Japan, 2005


250 pages

180 × 260 mm 

ISBN: 4860100646


Very limited number of signed copies available

Price on request. Orders:

Payment by PayPal



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